cute little boy taking a bubble bath with Urban Suds Kids products

Clean | Conscious Kids - How URBAN SUDS KIDS products transforms your child's bath time

When I get asked the question "Do you know any fun bath products for kids, that are natural?", I respond with "Yes, I make them!" Several years back, in 2012 I became a mom. I was delighted to be a new mom, but of course as all new moms may relate to, I became a little bit of a hypochondriac when it came to my newborn son. I became very stern on who held him, what type of products I used for his skin and what I fed him. As he got older, I became a little more relaxed about what I allowed for him to enjoy for bath time, but he always wanted products that I didn't agree with. He asked for that bath color paint that your kids smear on the tub...he wanted bath bombs, but they pretty much are all made with toxic dyes and synthetics... and of course all of the branded bath products that feature his favorite characters. After both he and I getting tired of me saying NO to every bath product he wanted, I decided to use my knowledge from college chemistry and nursing courses to start experimenting with ingredients to make his requested bath products.

Clean bath fizzies™ from Urban suds

After a LOT of trial and error, I finally created formulations that not only are 100% clean and natural, but very fun for kids to use. I created a brand that features products for children that are safe and effective and will create an enjoyable experience for your children.




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