Why you need to add transdermal soaking to your self-care ritual

Why you need to add transdermal soaking to your self-care ritual

When we hear that our skin is our largest organ, we often underestimate how powerful our skin is, and how it also behaves somewhat like a sponge. The epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) is made up of cells and tissues that has the capacity to absorb approximately 67% of what goes in it, including what you soak you body in.

So why should you consider including soaking in a mineral rich bath rather than ingesting these minerals? On average, over half the USA population has a deficiency in minerals, specifically magnesium. The R E S E T bath soak has now entered the chat.


                           THE RESET Restorative Bath Salts - $68

Magnesium is absorbed by the skin up to 40% when you soak in a warm, mineral rich bath like the RESET. These bath salts are formulated with added magnesium, along with French grey sea salt and sake extract to give your skin, mind and body a "reset" by helping to restore lost minerals, improve skin radiance and suppleness. Shop from the link above.

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