Commonly asked questions and answers about the Urban Suds brand and the products

Q: What is the difference between natural and clean? Why does Urban Suds claim to be both?

A: The difference between natural and clean is simple. Natural means that something is unaltered and comes from the original source of the earth, plants and animals. Clean means that it is void of any known toxins and harsh chemicals that has been suspected to affect human health. Urban Suds products are both natural and clean due to the fact that all ingredients used in the bath and body products are derived exclusively from plants and raw materials from the earth. None of our products are created with harsh chemicals, dyes, phthalates, parabens or sulfates.

Q: Are any of your products fragrance-free?

A: Yes, many of the products are fragrance-free/unscented without the use of a fragrance oil. Some of the products have a natural scent from the ingredients. ALL products, including candles are made without any added phthalates.

Q: Is every product vegan and cruelty free?

A: Yes, the bath and body products for both adults and children are vegan, with the exception of the candles which contain a small amount of beeswax. The candles are considered vegetarian. The natural sea sponges are considered vegetarian to some, and vegan to others so this particular product won't be classed as either vegetarian or vegan. None of the products have ever been tested on animals

Q: Are any types of dyes used in the products?

A: No, Urban Suds has pledged to be dye-free due to health concerns resulting from dyes.

Q: Do you use preservatives? How are your natural products preserved without synthetic preservatives?

A: All of the bath/body products need to be safe for consumer use, so preservatives are definitely a must. The preservatives that are used are derived from plant material and raw ingredients that naturally help preserve the products.

Q: Are all of your products handmade? 

A: Yes, every single bath and body product for both adults and children are handmade. The candles are hand-poured, and pre-trimmed by hand.

Q: How are your products different from other "clean and natural" lines?

A: All Urban Suds bath and body products are formulated with a focus on skin health as well as to be conscious and sustainable instead of mass appeal. The products are unique to the brand, and are created with innovation and purpose without any unnecessary ingredients. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: As of this time no, Urban Suds products are exclusively sold and shipped throughout the United States. Possibly in the near future, expansion into the international market will happen!