Madison Forte, Founder/Owner of URBAN SUDS

URBAN SUDS is a beauty | wellness lifestyle brand centered on maintaining a healthy skin barrier, self-care and education. All individuals are worthy of self-care and knowing what ingredients are present in everyday products we use daily on ourselves and children.

Founded in 2021, Madison Forte had the idea of launching a body care line that focuses on clean ingredients, Eastern bathing rituals and educating her community of the toxins commonly found in personal care products marketed to both adults and children.

"I created URBAN SUDS as a lifestyle brand designed to make a positive impact on our wellness by promoting self-care. Ingredients are consciously selected, while adhering to making plant-powered, synthetic-fragrance & dye free products that support optimal skin barrier health. The clean beauty and wellness space has not been entirely inclusive to BIPOC, and women of color spend 80% more than other racial groups on personal care products -- yet, we are the most susceptible to hormone disrupting, toxic chemicals present in many everyday products we use daily. I am a woman of color, a mom and I want to be part of the catalyst for change for more inclusivity in the clean beauty niche. I created an entire lifestyle brand for the family focused on high standards of safer formulations in both personal care and home fragrance. A brand built on transparency, clean and effective formulations is the hallmark of URBAN SUDS, and we stay compliant to EU standards. Our slogan "Made with a CLEAN conscience™ " is reflective of our mission and vision of safer products that positively impact our health, our children and our planet" - Madison Forte